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new random midget verse 
12:46am 23/09/2004
mood: tired
This one isn't really about Midget Bob persay, but... midgets...

Midgets make me giggle
especially when they die
Afraid and all alone
Not unlike the normal guy

No matter your height or stature
One day you will soon fly
Most likely to the demons
But you could go up to the sky.

random... work in progress... someone give me some comments/advice ^^
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A verse is born! 
11:00pm 02/08/2004
mood: silly
The very first Midget Bob fangirl herself here to add a new verse on behalf of Selph, whose LiveJournal is currently goofing around. So before this is lost in the cyber-spider webs of my computer - Ladies and gents, please welcome a new, official Midget Bob verse, as brought to you by Selph himself!

Too bad he is a slob.
He's such a great midget...
Too bad he has no job...
That is the awesome
The awesome Midget Bob.

It just tickles your funny bones, doesn't it?
Midget Bob Fan Club Introduction Letter 
07:50pm 04/06/2004
  To all fans of Midget Bob:
The Fan Club is finally here! I, as the creator not only of the Midget Bob Lonely Sporks Club Band but of Midget Bob himself, do not know what fans will want to post on here. I do ask for new verse suggestions, and, if you have any talent in poetry, new verses. Be warned that any submissions you make to this website are public property, can be used as I see fit, and may or may not be included in the poem. Future posts will provide details of how the verses should be arranged.
Midget Bob Creator,
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